Jonny Rythmns is Now “Elevated Focusion” (Album Review)

Elevated Focusion is a producer from Queens, New York who initially emerged in the underground under the moniker Jonny Rythmns dropping a handful of beat tapes such as Slow & Steady or The Sinthmeister. But after changing his name earlier this year, he’s looking to further introduce the new him to the underground by cooking up a full-length debut album of his own that’s primarily instrumental even though it’s most certainly worth pointing out the small handful of vocal performances from a few featured recording artists.

“Elevation” by Brigid Bites is a trippy opener to the album as she raps about climbing to the top of the mountain whereas the beat on “Stolen Time” by Bassiedee & Larissa Almeida feels like something out of an acid trip in a good way as both of them give off a more melodic delivery clarifying it’s not the end as they will find love again. “Yoko Loko” is a fresh little instrumental cut pulling from electronic dance music & after the “Amplifeyed” interlude, “Mind Frames” blends these chopped up operatic vocal samples with kicks & snares.

Continuing from there, “Waltz into the Wilderness” dabbles a bit with spoken word a bit over a hair-raising backdrop taking you through the jungle that is until “Late Night Dive” gives off a groovier feel & Katie Burke’s singing here is are provocatively passionate talking about needing to look out for herself. “Trypnotica” perfectly lives up to its name as a 105 second instrumental piece pulling from trap & psychedelia prior to “Natural Born Scumbags” pulling from dance once more.

“Tabla Tea Party” by EIMAS & Vincenzo Nocerino mixes some tablas with synthesizers declaring to be both the bullet AND the gun while “Stained in the Zone” delves further into a more futuristic sound. “About Today” by Day Vision resurrects the dance vibes singing about gazing in the mirror expecting to find herself & looking for help while the song “Psychodelicate” by Brigid Bites turns into trap turf bracing herself for a bad trip. The penultimate track “Trance Bender” gives us 1 last EDM joint & “Lost Time” ties things up entrancingly.

He’s come a long way from those early beat tapes & this eponymous debut album takes his career to the next stage in an impressive fashion. His production here is more genre-bending as he combines his love for New York culture & all genres of music but at the same time providing a place where the outsiders & insiders can meet through music & clothing representing creativity, originality, counterculture, passion, and the moment of change.

Score: 7/10

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