Keith Kugo Is In The Future ‘CURIOSITY 1’ Out Now

Keith Kugo is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in music production, architecture, and painting. Keith has always wanted to push the envelope within the field of artistry by constantly progressing his sound and refusing to be bound to one box.

Keith has always embraced and deeply related to his cultural roots, being originally from Zimbabwe he continuously draws from and infuses the vivid experiences that were a part of his childhood as well as the transition to living in New Zealand and Australia into his creative process.

Keith is a well-versed keyboardist and producer with a discography of genre-bending music that compliments his approach to design and art. His current venture is to release a follow-up EP in 2022 and continue his artistic journey.

After releasing his debut EP Convergence in August 2022, Keith Kugo returns with his follow-up EP – titled ‘CURIOSITY 1’. It spans six tracks in length and blends Keith’s infectious vocal arrangements with futuristic production that easily transports the listener to dive into his sonic world. This EP is the first volume from the multi-installment series. The overall lyrical content of this EP is more introspective in tracks such as ‘Digital’ where he expresses the challenges of navigating relationships within the social media context. Keith’s attention to production hasn’t taken a backseat with eclectic, hard-hitting anthems like ‘Kawasaki’ that paint vivid scenes.

Keith continues to pave his lane with an incredibly unique approach and it looks like he has no plan of slowing down anytime soon.

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