M.A.D’s 4th LP “Me Against Death” is His Most Passionate (Album Review)

M.A.D is a 33 year old MC/producer from California City, California notable for being 1/2 of the duo Madopelli. Much like his partner-in-rhyme Ant Dog who put out his 3rd solo effort albeit LSP debut Sadistic Symphony yesterday, M.A.D himself has quite a few solo efforts under his belt already including Predominantly Me as well as Full Circle & 24/7. But considering the acclaim that Madopelli has gotten ever since Lyrikal Snuff Productionz signed them & Sadistic Symphony releasing a day prior like I said, it makes sense for M.A.D to go eponymous for his 4th LP by himself.

After the intro, the first song “Murder Music” opens the album with a bleak boom bap instrumental wanting his flowers when he’s here whereas “Tell on My Name” takes the trap route sonically talking about calling him Suge White since he’ll leave muthafuckas hanging off the balcony. “Ay Mad How You Feel?” brings back the kicks & snares with a soul sample in the mix admitting that he’s feelin’ incredibly high leading into “New Snuff Sound” by Madopelli putting a Snuff twist to the hardcore hip hop/boom bap style.

”Watered Down” incorporates more kicks, snares & even some piano chords calling out those watering themselves down artistically while “Gutted Like a Fish” keeps it dusty reminding that what goes around does in fact come around & that you’re only gonna hate your own self in the end. “Long Way Home” brings a bluesier flare to the beat for a dedication to those who never had a home & “Mt. Snuffmore” by Madopelli featuring M.M.M.F.D. establishes themselves as the LSP-equivalent to Mt. Rushmore itself.

Starting the last leg of the album, “Juggalo Love 2” is this acoustic trap crossover showing mad juggalo luv while “Go to Sleep” incorporates this high-pitched vocal sample with kicks & snares passionately asking why they be sleeping on his name. And before the outro, the final song “Feel Alone Again” concludes M.A.D’s best solo album yet going trap metal talking about loneliness.

Madopelli has quickly established themselves within the underground ever since signing to LSP & much like Sadistic Symphony which we got only yesterday, it’s counterpart M.A.D (Me Against Death) further exemplifies the freshness that they can do as solo acts. Very much indeed the best albums that they’ve done on their own. M.A.D is not only one of the most interesting producers rising in the underground wicked shit scene in the last couple years, but his hunger here is next level.

Score: 8/10

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