The Greatest Hip-Hop DJs of All-Time

In the world of hip-hop culture, the DJs play a crucial role. With deft hands, ear, and mind they set the sound, mood, and flow of the music. The best of them become legends. The greatest DJs of all time bring unique elements in hip-hop like no other, charting its evolution. Creating new sound effects, influencing textual content and social movements define their contributions to cultural diversity.

Besides, hip-hop has a long history of cultural and musical transformations. Now this type of music has turned into an integral part of global pop culture. It still changes, gives birth to new styles, sub-genres and trends, staying important and meaningful in the sphere of music. As well as providing you with the chance to show off your technical ability and creativity, dj jobs in New York on Jooble can also make you one of those who help hip-hop grow up.

It is not possible to celebrate every hip-hop DJing legend. Nevertheless, included among them are some of the most influential, respected and deserving of cult status whose beats have delighted millions of people across the planet:

  1. DJ Premier

Christopher Martin is DJ Premier’s real name. As a member of Gang Starr, he has recorded many classic albums (Step In The Arena, Daily Operation, Jazzmatazz: Street Soul, Hard to Earn, Moment of Truth, etc.). It should be noted that this Texas native created the unique and inimitable sound of 90s New York City. Primo was one of the main creators of the reference sound for “golden era” along with Pete Rock and D.I.T.C. crew. 

  1. Dr. Dre

Andre Young, better known as Dr. Dre, became a notable character of the 90s west coast hip hop style in Compton, California. Leaving the electro-funk band World Class Wreckin’ Cru, Andre Young got involved in hip-hop music in 1988. This led to his formation of N.W.A with some friends and production of their inaugural album called Straight Out of Compton that set new trends for the West Coast rap scene for years. In 1992, he released his first solo work “The Chronic”. With his singles “Nuthin ‘But a G’ Thang” and “Fuck Wit Dre Day” Dre rose to stardom and was recognized as the best-selling producer in rap.

  1. J Dilla

If you want to know what hip-hop would look like being human, then check out the photo of J Dilla. His real name is James Yancey, and although he lived a short life, his beats became famous and influenced a generation of young producers. Jay’s skill with the MPC drum machine made him one of the most unusual producers in history. 

  1. RZA

RZA is a very prominent hip-hop figure. Moreover, he is identified not only with the DJ but also as a producer, rapper and the founder of Wu-Tang Clan. RZA, who was Robert Diggs, produced several tracks for the group, and he also invented its unique sound. He did it by using distinctive sound samples – from films and also music- to create a new signature in Wu-Tang Clan’s works of art. Of course, his involvement in hip hop is not just about music – he has the cultural and artistic side as well.

  1. Timbaland

In the 1996-1970, Timbaland made himself very famous to the world through recording a song titled ”One in Million” with Aaliyah. Their second Missy Elliott album, namely “Supa Dupa Fly”, further established them as a winning duo of young stars. Timbaland’s sound is a very exclusive occurrence in hip-hop and also R&B music. With the help of Timbo’s unique drum pads, beatboxing and vocal inserts, one is capable of recognizing his beat seconds after a track starts. 

Thus, some of the greatest hip-hop DJs of all time have had a huge impact on the genre. Their contributions have become an integral part of the cultural heritage. Their skills and influence continue to inspire future generations of artists. 

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