The Super Famous Fun Time Guys Spread Christmas Cheer Their Way on “Holiday EP: Advent” (EP Review)

The Super Famous Fun Time Guys are a self-deprecating horrorcore duo from Ohio consisting of Mr. 8 Legz & Whipstick. They originally broke out in 2018 off their full-length debut Our Album & then the Super Dudes Crooning the Tunes EP that same fall, where they freestyled over songs like Yasiin Bey’s “Mathemathics” or even Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”. Following their sophomore effort How Do You Fit a Cassette in a Discography? & their solo debut EPs, they became the very 1st act to sign to the almighty Alla Xul Elu’s independently owned Long Live Evil label & their 3rd album Don’t Hug Me from the Front quickly won a lot of people (including myself) over with how well it mixed horrorcore with comedy. But ahead of their official LLE sophomore effort next year, Whip & Legz are celebrating Christmas with their 3rd EP.

After the “Reindeer Rental” intro, the first song “Mandatory Holiday Function” is a cheery way to kick things off by talking about how tis the season to have a Fun Time party while the song “Cute & Cuddly” takes the boom bap route calling themselves gremlins that came from a path full of snakes similar to that of Jake Roberts. The penultimate track “Frosty Tips” laces some bells with piano chords & a thunderous bass-line to get on their hardcore shit prior to Doc Gruesome, Donnie Menace & Stray all assisting the greatest tag team to never even step into a ring for the 9-minute trap closer “Humbugs in Your Bed” talking about St. Nick pulling up to your city.

Now if any of y’all are looking to have a fun time this Christmas, then you’re gonna wanna add Holiday EP: Advent onto your rotation this weekend because it’s without a bit of doubt the best Christmas-themed project that I’ve heard in a while. The humorous yet nihilistic lyricism & exciting chemistry that we’ve all come to know & love them for both make their way onto here except the production has a more seasonal twist to it. I know they said at the 2nd annual Camp Xul this past summer to expect their next full-length in 2023 & I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Billy Obey is producing it in it’s entirety but regardless of the latter, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there & maintain all anticipation for it.

Score: 7/10

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